April 12, 2021

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Look fresh for spring with these fashion trends | Lifestyle

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Floral patterns, matching colors and wide brim sun hats can have you looking stylish and on trend this spring season. (Allison Sweigard / Daily Titan)

Spring is here, which means warmer weather and cooler fashion trends. It’s time to pack away those big coats, scarves and beanies and bring out the dresses, brim hats, shorts and tank tops. The season brings light, fresh, bright colors and patterns that are undeniably eye-catching and trendy. 

Not only does spring bring warm, sunny weather, but it also brings bright blue skies and colorful flowers that are reflected in vibrant spring fashion trends. Some trends change throughout the seasons, but some make a comeback every spring. 

Here are a few fresh fashion trends to help match the beauty of the season.

Floral prints

Floral printed dresses, shirts and pants are among some of the most popular trends. Bright spring flowers like tulips, daisies and daffodils have greatly inspired brands and designers to incorporate floral prints into their spring lines and designs. These prints are a great way to dress in accordance with the season and weather. With an infinite amount of options, this trend can be dressed up or kept casual depending on the occasion.

A floral top paired with jean shorts or ripped jeans can be casual and comfortable for a mid-morning brunch. One can get dressier with a long floral dress that can be worn to a formal wedding or bridal shower.

Midi and maxi dresses are a beloved spring trend that allows people to stay cool in the sunny weather. However, the long length of these dresses can also keep people warmer during those chilly spring mornings and evenings. Dresses can be versatile and kept casual or dressy depending on the style, fabric and print. 

Time to match

Matching sets are a popular and fun way to use lively colors and patterns in a bold fashion statement. A matching set consists of a top and bottom with the same color, pattern, design and material. Matching sets are also a good option for people that have trouble pairing outfit pieces together. Buying a matching set, such as a floral top and skirt ensures a stylish and effortless outfit for almost any type of event.


Light and bright colors are in, and dark, muted colors are out for this spring season. Dark colors such as burgundy, black, forest green and mustard were big trends in the fall and winter. However, spring has a lively, airy and bright mood, which is reflected in its fashion. Inspired by Easter, pastel yellow, purple, pink and blue are popular during the spring and can also carry over into the summertime. 

Springtime sets the aesthetic for sunny picnic days, which inspire the admired and well-known spring print, gingham. Gingham is a plaid, checked pattern originally used and known for being the picnic blanket and basket print. Designers and brands have now taken this print to make and design tops, dresses, hats and more. 

Gingham is a great print to wear with the perfect combination of casual and dressy for outdoor picnics, barbecues and family gatherings.

Mixing trends

Mixing bold and vibrant spring colors such as pink, yellow, green and purple is another memorable way to make a statement without using prints and patterns. Spring is known for living life outdoors, so it makes sense to match the bright weather with a display of bright colors.

Add a hat

There’s no need for beanies and knit hats to keep warm this spring season. Brim sun hats and fedoras are here to take their place. Not only are brim hats a trendy way to accessorize and dress up an outfit, they are great for shading the face and protecting the skin from the sun and harmful rays. 

Brim hats can be very versatile and paired nicely with several fashion choices. A casual outfit such as jeans and a shirt can be accessorized with a brim hat or fedora to keep people shaded at a casual event. A brim hat can also look great and dressy paired with a floral dress or matching set.

There are so many spring trends that continue to come back every year. There is no doubt that spring is a fashionable season that brings brightness, vibrancy and fun clothing and accessories to your wardrobe.


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