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Green Bay company celebrates the completion of its new paper mill


GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – A long-time Green Bay company celebrated the completion of its new paper mill. Green Bay Packaging spent $500 million investing in itself, securing hundreds of jobs within the community.

Inside Green Bay Packaging, a half a billion-dollar investment is celebrated.

“We basically built a brand-new paper mill from the ground up,” said company Chairman & CEO Will Kress.

For its impact on the state, its impact on the region.

“It really is kind of impossible to find the appropriate superlatives to talk about this project,” said Green Bay Mayor Eric Genrich.

Nearly three years ago Green Bay Packaging announced they were investing in their business. By replacing their 71-year-old mill, creating the largest business development project in Brown County.

“89,000 tons of concrete have been poured, over 34 miles of pipe installed, 12,000 tons of steel erected,” said company Vice President Matt Szymanski.

Thursday company leadership celebrated their success, thanking the team that helped push the project forward.

“This was a major, major undertaking for us. It was a huge project,” Kress said.

The company’s CEO said they needed to build to stay competitive and while they could have built elsewhere, Kress said it was important to remain in Green Bay.

“We’re happy to have built this right here in Green Bay, Wisconsin,” said Kress.

“They chose Green Bay because they believe in this community, they believe in their employees and they wanted to expand here and invest here,” said Genrich.

And in doing so they created 200 new jobs and preserved 1,100 more here in Northeast Wisconsin. And today they celebrated their new mill and new opportunities.

“We did a great job, and a lot of folks did a lot of work, made a lot of sacrifices to make this happen,” said Szymanski.

Over three-million-man hours went into constructing the mill.