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18th and Vine District business owner hopes lawsuit will spur city to renovate blighted properties

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — One Kansas City, Missouri, business owner hopes that a recently filed lawsuit will spur the city to renovate damaged properties in the Jazz District.

“My goal is to get them to fix up their own blighted properties or sell them to someone who will,” said Henry Service, who filed suit in early July, “and to compensate the people who they’ve been hurting for decades down here.”

Service owns the Lincoln Building in the heart of the Jazz District at 1601 East 18th Street.

The lawyer and business owner said he feels investments into the 18th and

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Want to avail loan for business activity? Check eligibility, loan limit, security and other details

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Are you in need of the money to expand your business or for any business activity? You can get financial help under Punjab National Bank (PNB) Tatkal Scheme.

“Get financial help in the form of cash credit and term loan under PNB Tatkal scheme,” PNB tweeted on Thursday.


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Here is all you need to know about the scheme:

1. Purpose: The purpose of the scheme is to provide hassle free credit to meet finance requirements related to business activity or for expansion of business. However, you need to

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Potential Reverberations of Condo Collapse on Availability of State Regulated Insurance

The business of insurance relies upon predictive indicators of risk exposure. Before assuming a risk, a carrier evaluates its ability to predict the likelihood of a loss and the magnitude of probable monetary damage.

So how will a seemingly (and hopefully) rare event like the Surfside condo collapse impact the way that condominium association-owned buildings model? Does the fact that a Board of laypeople are tasked with decisions affecting the structural integrity of condo buildings influence the insurability of those buildings? If so, Florida residents will likely see a continued decline of the availability of property insurance coverage from Florida

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Here’s what could happen to the Trump Organization now

Since Donald Trump won the 2016 election, his namesake company has appeared to be running in place.

The Trump Organization hasn’t opened a new property since its (now shuttered) Vancouver hotel in February 2017. Its biggest plans for expansion – two new lower-cost hotel chains aimed at Trump-friendly states – were canceled in 2019. Trump had left his adult sons Eric and Donald Jr. in charge, along with now-indicted executive Allen Weisselberg. They appeared to be simply trying to hold Trump’s oddball assortment of businesses together, avoiding big changes until he was out of office.

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China Crackdown Rocks Investors: ‘Everybody’s in the Crosshairs’

(Bloomberg) — Beijing’s clampdown on the booming private education industry has shocked even some of the most seasoned China watchers, prompting a rethink of how far Xi Jinping’s Communist Party is willing to go as it tightens its grip on the world’s second-largest economy.

The crash in tutoring stocks that began on Friday spread this week across the tech sector and beyond, after authorities confirmed reports they would ban a swathe of the education industry from making profits. It’s the government’s most extreme step yet to rein in private businesses that regulators blame for exacerbating inequality, increasing financial risk and

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Mount Pleasant business owner says village landlocked and blighted property after they refused to sell

RACINE COUNTY — A Mount Pleasant business owner says he’s suing the village after they landlocked his property and forced him to close after negotiations to sell the land fell apart.

Village officials deemed the property ‘blighted’ land that sits in a Foxconn construction zone after the owner refused to sell a majority of his land.

Jack and Colleen Erickson have owned Erickson Trucks-N-Parts, which sits next to I-94, for more than two decades. Just a few years ago, they applied for permits to build brand-new facilities, but now they can’t even get on their property as barricades block the

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